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Expert Tint Installation • Lifetime Warranty • Quality Film


5 Windows @ $125

5 windows @ $125, 7 windows @ $175, computer cut, lifetime warranty

Ceramic Tint 30% Off

30% off, best heat rejection, UV protection, lifetime warranty


Free Tint Offer

Free window tint with any wheel and tire package. See store for details.

Monthly Promotions

Glare creates distractions, blind spots, and headaches. By reducing this glare, your vision is clearer and your drive more enjoyable.


Window tint's ability to cut down on bright sunlight is one of the main reasons parents choose it for family vehicles. Sun shades can fall and cause injury, so tint is also the safest way to block the sun from little ones' eyes.


Quality tint can eliminate up to 99% of harmful UV rays before they can cause damage to you or your car's interior.

Studies show increased instances of skin cancer on the left side of a driver's body – the side exposed to the sun. This same sort of exposure to sunlight can result in warped plastics, faded paint, and cracked, dry leather seats or carpets over time.


Comfortable passengers = better road trips.


Window tint reduces heat for a cooler, safer, more comfortable ride.


Plus, the ability to cut down on heat provides the added bonus of saving money on gas because a cooler car means running A/C less on hot days.


Beyond the obvious benefits of added security and privacy  window tint provides (you can see out, they can't see in), quality film adds an extra anti-shatter layer to your windows in case of accidents. 

Safety has never looked better with professional tint!


And tinted windows just look cooler!


Tint Percentages

The lower the VLT percentage, the darker the film. Front side windows are limited to 30% in California.

FAQs About Window Tint


Q: Does window film block cell phone signal? While blocking 99% of UV rays, tint does NOT disrupt cellular, GPS, or satellite signals.

Q: Does window tint need to be dark? No. Come into the store and ask one of our professionals about HD color and clarity options.

Q: Can I get tint on my windshield? Yes. Tint is limited to the top 4", but other non-darkening options can enhance your view.

Q: Does tint get applied to the inside of the window? Yes, window film is applied to the inside of the window. It is first formed and cut on the outside and then applied to the inside of the window.

Q: Why does my tint look hazy/bubbly after install? The solution that allows us to move the film into place during installation will take some time to dry which is part of the the natural curing process. The moisture will evaporate as the sun hits it and the haziness or bubbly look will go away at that time.

Q: How long does tint installation take? Your installation time can vary but a typical 4 door sedan takes 2-3 hours typically. We might even have a "same day" appointment open - call now!

Q: Why does some tint turn purple? While lower quality film will discolor more easily, improper care can also lead to this result. Refer to our answer about window tint cleaning.

Q: How should I clean and care for my tint? Use either a paper towel or soft cloth with ammonia free cleaner. Never use an Ammonia based window cleaner on tinted windows because it will cause discoloration over time. Please note that standard blue household window cleaner does contain Ammonia. We recommend buying ammonia-free automotive glass cleaner which you can pick up at an auto parts store.

Q: Can I roll my windows down right after installation? The glue used to install your window tint does need time to cure so you should not roll down your windows after installation. If the weather is cooler outside we recommend you wait 3-5 days and if the weather is warmer we recommend you wait 2-3 days.

Q: How long does window tint last? Your film is guaranteed by Soundz Good Stereo in Oxnard for as long as you own the car!

Q: Are tint laws the same for all vehicles? No. First you need to find your vehicle's classification which can be found on the VIN information sticker inside your vehicle. Trucks and some SUVs are permitted to tint their rear windows to any level, while cars are not. Find more information at

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