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VOXX Electronics Corporation acquired VSM ® and Rostra ® in 2020 and combined with the already award-
winning VOXX and Gentex ® products created one of the world’s largest providers of Advanced Driver
Assistance Systems (ADAS) to new, used, and fleet vehicles. VOXX’s ADAS product draws from over 30
years of industry experience developing blind spot detection products, back-up cameras & monitors,
and parking sensors products that continue to win accolades but more importantly keep customers
and their families safe.

The ACA801 back-up camera features a high performance 1089 HD CCD lens with a 180-degree wide-angle color camera. This back-up camera features selectable image: normal/ mirror, is waterproof and works in low light surroundings.


License Plate Mounted Back-up Camera

The RVM200 features a 4.3" High Definition / High Brightness color monitor that when paired with a back-up camera allows the driver to view the image in the mirror.


Replacement Rear-view Mirror With 4.3-inch High Brightness Monitor

Voxx's BLIND SPOT DETECTION 2.0 is equipped with interior LED indicators for audio and visual alerts that is activated with the new added rear cross-traffic feature which senses vehicles approaching and more


Blind Spot Detection System 2.0

The ACA501 universal back-up camera offers a 180 degree viewing angle, high-sensitivity optics provide excellent low-light performance for maximum visibility after dark and can be mounted in the front or rear of a vehicle.


Universal Mount Back-up Camera

The ACA800 license plate camera offers dual mount options and features 150 degree viewing angle and high sensitivity optics that provides excellent low-light performance for maximum visibility after dark.


License Plate Camera

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